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Geospatial DataBig data is a much discussed subject in the geospatial industry. What to do with all the petabytes of geospatial big data? GIM International selected a series of articles that zoom in on the various issues related to this topic, for example how the geospatial industry can play the key role in underpinning big data.

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Interacting with Big Geospatial Data

Advances in capturing techniques such as laser scanning and photogrammetry have significantly increased the volume of geospatial datasets. Big geodata has become an important asset for analysis and decision-making, but also p... (read more)

INSPIRE Boosts Spatial Data Sharing

The INSPIRE Directive was introduced in 2007 and should reach full implementation in 2020. Today, over halfway through the process, various important milestones have already been achieved while others still lie ahead. GIM Int... (read more)
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Geospatial Big Data

Geospatial has always been considered as big data, both by its own advocates and many others, writes Ian Holt, a big data evangelist from the UK, in his latest column in 'GIM International'. Yet large spatial databa... (read more)

Data Sharing is Smart: Geo-related Trends in Engineering & Construction

There could be many keywords representing important trends in the capture and use of spatial data in the engineering & construction industry, but 3D, BIM, AR and UAV are definitely high on the list. Uniting them all is on... (read more)
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The Advancing Industry of Geoinformation

At the start of this year, GIM International conducted a readers’ survey aimed at gaining a clear picture of the current state of the geospatial industry. With more than a thousand replies received, the response wa... (read more)

Investment Set to Continue in Open Earth Observation Data

A global trend towards open data, i.e. data that anyone can access, use and share without restriction, is steadily replacing a previous tendency by governments to charge for Earth observations, especially satellite imagery. T... (read more)

The Call for a Data Revolution

There is growing recognition that the success of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will depend on the ability of governments, businesses and civil society to collect and manage data for decision-making. The SDGs ar... (read more)

The Need to Integrate BIM and Geoinformation

In the construction industry, business relationships are often short term and one-off. There are many unique processes and activities. The resulting complexity and fragmentation may obstruct quick and effective exchange and i... (read more)

The Next Steps for 3D…

10 years from now, a semantic-rich 3D virtual model of our environment will be available and continuously updated by citizens, companies and governments as well as by sensors that monitor air quality, temperature, noise, etc.... (read more)

Making Big Geospatial Data Accessible on a Massive Scale

Australian technology company 4DMapper designs, develops and markets a web-based platform for streaming and sharing big geospatial data. Massive amounts of geospatial data can be imported to the cloud, then viewed immediately... (read more)
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